which colour do u bring to the party?

which colour do u bring to the party?, 2017
cardboard, paper, lights, paint, pens, miniature storage bags


Which colour do u bring to the party? was installed at the Salmo River Ranch in Salmo, BC for Shambhala Music Festival (August 11-12, 2017).  The work, labelled with clear instructions, was reliant on contributions from festival attendees.  48 responses were received in a 48 hour period.


The titular question arose from the Saturday Morning photographs. Saturday Morning is a series of light-based abstractions that were created with camera movement at the event the year before.  Each colour within those photographs was a source of light, a contributive party favour, brought specifically to illuminate a dark rural area and to cultivate a jovial atmosphere.


Which colour do u bring to the party?  is intended to capture the introspective, collaborative, and absurd nature of the music festival through the participation of its attendees.   All replies are displayed below.

















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